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I’ll be back here soon, apologies for the hiatus of sorts.

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What do french people call a really bad thursday?

a trajeudi

update: if you tell this joke to someone living in france they will refuse to look at you

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2. Handwrite your url — extemporaneousson
2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL. 


13, 14, 15 — sapsavany
13. Handwrite the country you were born in. 
14. Handwrite “hello”. 
15. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use. 

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8. Handwrite your favorite TV shows. 
18. Handwrite a message to your followers


Handwriting Meme


1. Handwrite your name.
2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL.
3. Handwrite your blog title.
4. Handwrite your Tumblr crushes.
5. Handwrite your favorite season of the year.
6. Handwrite what color shirt your wearing right now.
7. Handwrite your favorite actresses and actors.
8. Handwrite your favorite TV shows.
9. Handwrite your favorite bands/singers.
10. Handwrite your favorite songs.
11. Handwrite your favorite number.
12. Handwrite the country you currently live in.
13. Handwrite the country you were born in.
14. Handwrite “hello”.
15. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use.
16. Handwrite 3 words that sum you up.
17. Handwrite the first 10 words that come to mind.
18. Handwrite a message to your followers.
19. Handwrite my url

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Things I should be doing: replying to cohabootation au, typing up the A/LS challenge, packing for move

Things I am doing: watching C riminal Minds and contemplating a nap

Illustration by David Wright, 1947

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  1. I once played “The Mysterious Old Man” in a production of Into the Woods Jr.
  2. The biggest concerts I’ve attended are Ringo Starr & His All Star Band, a My Chemical Romance with Blink-182 concert and Trans Siberian Orchestra.
  3. The three biggest cities I’ve ever been to are Boston, Osaka, and Tokyo.
  4. The first song I ever sang along to was “Iron Man” and I’ve gotten less and less cool ever since.
  5. My entire family has  leg gaps to the point of almost being bow legged and it took me two decades to realize this.

I tag: whoever wants to/ hasn’t done this yet.


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{♚} —⇀ "Ah, don’t I feel lucky to have all these beautiful people visit me. What do I owe the pleasure of the Bonnefoy family?"

The Francophones seem to come in bunches much like grapes. I cannot speak for the rest of them but simple tourism while it’s still summer and wracking up the frequent flyer miles are what brings me here. How are you by the way?


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          ❝ What I would give to be taking a bath with a glass of wine at
     this moment— Having a long reunion with this heat is highly troublesome. ❞

It has been tempting to do just that these past few days.You know you are always welcome to visit a little south and cool down a bit by the Mediterranean or a pool, whichever you prefer.


"Nope." She popped her ‘p’ and wandered down one of the paths to explore more, amazed by the colorful selection of flowers and occasionally stroking one of the pedals with the tips of her fingers. The textures of the flowers helped her remember them. "All this, they smell lovely and mixed with the smell of the ocean, it’s like a dream come true."

With a stifled snort of resigned amusement she decided to just follow along with her. Cécile was at least pleased the other was enjoying herself even if the petting of the plants was unusual. Call it vanity or what have you. “We try our best with what we have.” 

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